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The JT Foxx Organization is powered by the Success of our Family Members. Yes, we treat all of our clients like family members as we live by the motto #FamilyFirst. Our mission is to transform our family members to become their most successful selves whether that is through coaching, intensive training's, business events or focused programs. The more success stories we create, the more we are driven to challenge ourselves to create even more.

This is what we're good at

Speciality Classes

These classes are anywhere from 1 day to 4 days and focus on a variety of highly focused topics to get interactive with a small group of like minded business owners and entrepreneurs. These are led by our top coaches and business strategist to ensure you get the most out of the class and leave with an action plan.


One-on-one coaching where you can work directly with a specialized, or a group of specialized coaches, to allow you to achieve the vision you have for your business or multiple businesses.


Events are held all over the world, ranging from 3 hour power sessions, 1 Day, and 2 Day events. These are geared towards much larger groups of business owners and entrepreneurs to cover the broad spectrum of everything you need to know in business.

Areas we help business owners and entrepreneurs with

About us

JT Foxx created the JT Foxx Organization initially to teach others how to become successful in Real Estate investing. From there, it quickly transformed into an International Business of helping other business owners and entrepreneurs with anything and everything their businesses may need. We now have business coaching, events, and special training's held all over the world.

As an organization, we are on a mission to help turn people’s dreams into a vision and success. Most people who want to start their own business are unsure where to even begin. Others, who may have already started their business, are unsure if they are doing the right things or making the right decisions. We are here to help you start your business or keep your business growing as you grow.

To do so, we offer one-on-one coaching, focused events and masterminds, and general events held all around the world. For those who wish to join our organization, they are given an initial one-on-one session to determine the best plan of action based on their desired goals and timeline. Our main office is based in Fort Myers, Florida, though we have people all over the world including teams of business experts who travel to work with as many determined entrepreneur’s as possible. Let the JT Foxx Organization help turn your dreams into reality.

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  • JT Foxx is the best thing that has happened to me. He is loyal to his students and attendees of his workshops. He cares about people and wants to do all he can to help others succeed and grow. He is also very passionate about making a difference in South Africa and the world.

    • Charlie Monson
    • South Africa
  • I think that JT has an in-depth knowledge of branding, creating systems and sales, and he is able to articulate his knowledge very well. What I like is that he uses his real-world business experiences as case studies as opposed to only using other's success stories.

    • Bruno Schwalbach
  • The Top 1% experience at JT Foxx's house was an experience that I will never forget. The ideas were overwhelming and top notch. Great atmosphere and nothing was spared in making us feel like home. This event gave me practical advise that will help me take my business to the next level. Only with JT Foxx you can meet millionaires and billionaires. JT is not only empowered by our success... he is also your shortcut to success!

    • Abdullah Alwardi
    • Fort Myers Top 1% Experience, United States
  • I loved the networking, the people I met and the friendships I can build on. I think this event will help me build my career and business.

    • Karen Tan
    • Fort Myers Top 1% Experience, United States
  • I though the Top 1% experience was excellent, thought provoking, and gave practical strategies that can be implemented immediately applied. JT Foxx was Awesome. #thankyou #Ibelong

    • Margaret Rose
    • Fort Myers Top 1% Experience, United States
  • This event was amazing. Day 1 - set the foundation. Day 2 - Broke me down. Day 3 - Built me back up stronger and with more clarity. Day 4 - Brought everything full circle. Marco's coaching on self-discovery shook me to the core. Brought me clarity, brought me back to life, living in the present to my full potential. I'm leaving as a renewed woman. I feel I have the fundamentals of business and how to create/grow a business that creates an experience for my clients and solves a problem. I feel more authentic, accountable, and prepared. Can't wait to implement it all!!! JT Foxx is Brutally honest, brilliant, intense, and visionary.

    • Christie Reppart
    • Atlanta Dream Team, United States
  • The Top 1% Experience event is informal + sometimes loses forcus, However, this "sense" of successful entrepreneurs comes through. It helped expediate the formation of ideas + strategy. JT is extremely direct, which is what I need. He is dedicated in his purpose of creating success for his students. The whole organization is extremely committed and on the same mission.

    • Neil Kilboy
    • Fort Myers Top 1% Experience, United States
  • Fantastic, mind blowing contents! What the coaches taught really hit me in the heart, even on personal level. Value is immense! This event will kickstart our business into high gear. 2016 is going to be amazing for our business. All we need to start implementing what we learn immediately. JT Foxx is a man of his word. He values the success of his students and treat them as real family members.

    • Fei Ting Chang
    • Atlanta, GA , United States
  • Incredible event. JT is #1 Wealth Coach for a reason. He is honest, direct and in that way really cares about other people. Fascinating, much knowledge, authenticity, and the real deal.

    • Kristine Overby
    • Atlanta, GA , United States
  • The event was phenomenal & transformational. Mind Blowing. Would recommend the Dream Team to every entrepreneur looking to not only improve their business but their life. I believe this helped me identify myself & my "Why" I do what I do. This event will get out business systemitized. Will implement zero-based thinking. JT Foxx is Awesome & the most dedicated person my husband & I have ever met. It was an honor to speak with him & figuratively, get thrown against a wall by his criticism to transform us into better people. He inspires and motivates us to be the best we can be.

    • Allyse Chan
    • Atlanta, GA - Dream Team, United States
  • Extremely Encouraging, uplifting & informative. The event will accelerate our growth helping us make fewer mistakes, the things shared at this event will help straighten our path out making our goals achieved more directly, more quickly. What I think about JT Foxx is he is a very very high energy man, he is very frank which is quite refreshing

    • Jim Reimers
    • Austin, TX, United States
  • Results certainly don't lie, even though I'm not a coaching student I learn alot at the JT Foxx events and I implement everything I learn. Jimmy Sauces hired me to help them create Brand awareness and increase their sales in Durban in 2015. I just got the sales figures for 2015 & Durban showed the highest growth increase by 134.3% Thank you for hosting all your great events, they have made a world of difference in my life, and the people I have met are top quality people who I can do business with

    • Toni Baptista
    • Durban, South Africa
  • I thought it was brilliant and extremely well executed. Very authentic and didn't feel pressurised in any way, but rather inspired. This event moved me to action and get the right coaching to achieve my dream. Never met or seen JT Foxx but Coach D is brilliant.

    • Daneel Denysschen
    • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • The event was very informative, especially filling in the gaps I have. Also very valuable information to help me get started with online. It will help me set up and grow my business. It is a new business I have just started setting it up. It will surely assist me to grow my business & correct/improve my potential as a professional. I noticed that he is more relaxed since I first met him. I'm grateful for the opportunities he makes available for his students.

    • Valdelia Wilson
    • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Love the mix of content & transformation. Practical steps to implement in the business and to create a blueprint going forward. I learned to keep re-inventing the business and ensuring it stays relevant. Transformation is a journey. Thank you for the vision you have for our country and for what you and your team are doing to build & create entrepreneurs.

    • Mannda leGrange
    • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I loved it; very holistic approach to coaching. Included soft skills + clear models to help create structure. It has given me clear guidance on actions I need to take to build on my offering.

    • Onika Wasserthal
    • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I need this event every 2 weeks!!! My business will grow much faster!!! So many new ideas, marketing, website ideas, etc... JT Foxx is Amazing

    • Antonio Giuliari
    • London, United Kingdom
  • JT Foxx events have great content, great speakers.. it definitely inspired me and motivated me to go forward. Now I know the importance of having a coach in my life and it opened my mind to THINK BIG. At the beginning I perceived him as an arrogant guy, and even though he can be, I admire what he's done. His tenacity and confidence are amazing, and I think he achieved in inspiring everyone here. When I hear him speak, I trust he knows what he is talking about. He has credibility and he seems like a fun guy, I hope South Africa becomes one of his potential interests soon... I would love to show him the potential this region has!

    • Vanessa Vellejo
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • JT's Coaching made me realize that all success needs hard work. I learned that when you are feeling uncomfortable you know that you are on the right track. JT Foxx has great value tips that you can use straight away. Very straight forward tells you what you need to hear no sugar coating. The event was great. Very high energy from the coaches. I felt like they really wanted to help and not only make money - it felt genuine.

    • Jimmy Schartman
    • London, United Kingdom
  • The greatest business lesson I've learned from JT is who you surround yourself with is who you become! JT Foxx is very professional. Just an amazing group of people. The coaches are the best in the WORLD!

    • Gabor Dobos
    • London, United Kingdom
  • JT has taken me much closer to my vision. Wow, so many points to write down. Vision can be achieved, just got to have a coach and believe. I do and I know, just need the coaching which is also great. JT is a very authentic person who thinks about value and delivers to all his family of students. Very grateful for the opportunity, really looking forward to a long life with the JT Foxx Organization. What did I think of the event? WOW!! Speechless baby. #familyfirst

    • Harvey Singh
    • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • JT, Because of you, I became an entrepreneur. Thanks for believing in me. Keep up with your inspiration to help more business owners, especially women. You ROCK!

    • Mak Lai Poh
    • Klang, Malaysia
  • I have made about $30,000 since Jan 2016 till now in my sales. This is already half of what i made for the whole of last year. Thank you for sharing all your words of wisdom. You are simply the best internet marketer in the world. Everything you have taught I am religiously applying. Including listening to your audio and interviews every day, waking up before 6am (trying really hard on this), and logging down statistics and doing internet marketing campaign. I just closed a deal and made more than $10,000 yesterday, just from my new internet marketing campaign i set up since Jan. Saw your site and it says you’ll be going to Malaysia, please let me know if that is going to happen soon because i’ll certainly be there, or anywhere in South East Asia.

    • Jamie Teoh
    • Malaysia
  • JT Foxx is authentic, he shares success secrets and stories wholeheartedly. He wants every one of us to learn and become successful. The JT Foxx event exposed me to the way great people and entrepreneurs do business and change the world. It changed my belief to focus on creating value to the world.

    • Rebecca Chong
    • Singapore
  • I love that JT Foxx is very authentic, talks straight from his experience. he is very thoughtful, even as he has fulfilled his workshop here, JT Foxx is going to keep coming back and teaching so that the levels of success increases. Not many coaches do that! I’ve enjoyed the 2-day event with JT Foxx

    • Oei Aisoen
    • Singapore
  • JT has been phenomenal and has given me great insights and guides towards how i should be analyzing my business model. he is inspirational and has shown me what believing and confidence can bring a person to. Event has great content and content that taught us great tactics. Definitely a really personal experience and I am looking forward to more to come in July. I believe the course will allow me to improve my business model and reset the vision and pathway that will bring the company to greater heights! Thanks JT see you soon!!!

    • Ryan Goh
    • Singapore

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