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JT Foxx created the JT Foxx Organization initially to teach others how to become successful in Real Estate investing. From there, it quickly transformed into an International Business of helping other business owners and entrepreneurs with anything and everything their businesses may need. We now have business coaching, events, and special training's held all over the world.

As an organization, we are on a mission to help turn people’s dreams into a vision and success. Most people who want to start their own business are unsure where to even begin. Others, who may have already started their business, are unsure if they are doing the right things or making the right decisions. We are here to help you start your business or keep your business growing as you grow.

To do so, we offer one-on-one coaching, focused events and masterminds, and general events held all around the world. For those who wish to join our organization, they are given an initial one-on-one session to determine the best plan of action based on their desired goals and timeline. Our main office is based in Fort Myers, Florida, though we have people all over the world including teams of business experts who travel to work with as many determined entrepreneur’s as possible. Let the JT Foxx Organization help turn your dreams into reality.

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Here at the JT Foxx Organization, our motto is Family First. In today’s challenging business economy, you must be willing to change your current way of doing things to a new, unfamiliar way of thinking. The good news is you no longer have to do it alone. As we help you grow and hone in on new skills that are not easy to develop on your own, feel comforted knowing that you have us and thousands of other students from all over the world as your parachute while you take that leap. To succeed, we all must be driven by a shared vision. As a family, we are empowered by each other’s success. We have a strong sense of commitment that comes from genuinely caring about each other, about our students, and about our business. We wouldn't be who are we are without you.

"Success is not a matter of chance. It's a matter of choice."-JT Foxx

The JT Foxx Organization is powered by the Success of our Family Members. Yes, we treat all of our clients like family members as we live by the motto #FamilyFirst. Our mission is to transform our family members to become their most successful selves whether that is through coaching, intensive training's, business events or focused programs. The more success stories we create, the more we are driven to challenge ourselves to create even more.

Specialty Classes

These classes are anywhere from 1 day to 4 days and focus on a variety of highly focused topics to get interactive with a small group of like minded business owners and entrepreneurs. These are led by our top coaches and business strategist to ensure you get the most out of the class and leave with an action plan.


One-on-one coaching where you can work directly with a specialized, or a group of specialized coaches, to allow you to achieve the vision you have for your business or multiple businesses.


Events are held all over the world, ranging from 3 hour power sessions, 1 Day, and 2 Day events. These are geared towards much larger groups of business owners and entrepreneurs to cover the broad spectrum of everything you need to know in business.

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We help business owners and entrepreneurs with:

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